Terno is constantly enhancing TernoVelocity for the next generation of direct marketers. A new feature has been added to copy previous orders from a customer record. If a customer called and wanted to get the exact same order as last time, the order can be duplicated in a matter of a few key strokes. This also works even if previous orders were voided or canceled.  This is a great feature to improve customer service and gain a competitive edge.

Staying ahead of the competition means your company needs to keep up with the latest trends and industry news. At Terno, we are working hard to keep you posted of the latest. Read on for more information about how source codes are changing the catalog business.

SOURCE CODES: Do you really know?
Most savvy catalogers know source code tracking is very important. Trying to determine if a list rental was effective or how to budget a circulation is often based on the results of a source code. The system catalogers have been using for many years is in need of a change thanks to the multi-channel revolution where the internet is gaining more clout by the day.

Trying to find the proper way to allocate web orders is not an easy task. The easiest answer is to place a source code box in your shopping cart for customers to enter. However, this can be ineffective because the customer does not have any incentive to enter it. Adding a promotion to the web site to capture source codes may be a good way to get proper tracking but this effects profitability.

Another suggestion is to simply have a drop down box asking the customer what brought them to the web site including an option for catalog, referral web sites, search engines, or other specific methods. Each of these methods can act as a specific source code to be analyzed.

Furthermore, if the customer selected "catalog" as their source code, a small modification can be added to your system to add the last mailed source code to the order. This allows your company to truly track the performance of a specific source code that has been mailed. Otherwise, mailed source code results may be very misleading without factoring web orders. An option would need to exist to indicate the number of days between a mailing and a web order to count towards the source code.

Many simple changes can be made to allow web orders to be properly attributed to an original source code. With web orders increasing steadily, it will become more important for multi-channel marketers to know the true results of their particular source codes.